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  1. How do I find out when and where there are college seminars? Do you do consultations over the phone?… because I live in North Carolina.

    • Hi Ellen,
      I can do a consult over the phone or can come up and meet with your family or your child’s team if there are other parents interested.
      Let me know how we can best assist you.
      Donalyn Knight

      • How much is phone consult? I know if you came to the team you would need to cover cost, but how much?

      • Hi Ellen, A phone consult is $65.00 and hour, in person $75.00 an hour, or for a team of up to 15 athletes and their families is $500.00 for a 2-3 Hour seminar and q&a session, plus expenses. I can fly free on USAirways ( standby)most of the time as I am retired from them after 20 years working at night, so expenses would be hotel, meals, rental car and gas( if needed). Where do you live and is the airport close by? Thanks! Donalyn Knight 407-321-0160

        I look forward to talking with you and seeing how I can be of help.

        Sent from my iPad

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