Customer Reviews


“As a coach I have always believed in the importance of motivation and the mental preparation for the game. The Spirited Athlete provides outstanding materials to assist a coach in helping athletes focus on the real purpose of athletics and achieving their full potential as individuals. If we are to reach one of the most important goals of an athletic program which is for our athletes to become better individuals – not just better athletes – than we need to go beyond the teaching of sports skills. We need to reach the “spirit” of our athletes. The Spirited Athlete will help you do this!

Roberta Stokes, Former VB Coach and Professor Emeritus, Miami-Dade College

“Donalyn Knight and The Spirited Athlete is an incredible service for anyone who is going to the next level in athletics. Donalyn truly cares about the ‘whole athlete’ … body, soul and spirit and with her guidance, the student-athlete is in very capable, professional hands. I would highly recommend Donalyn and her services to everyone. You’d be blessed to get her in your corner!”

Kim Hill, Recording Artist

“Donalyn Knight is one of the most honorable, gracious, gifted women I know! She’s full of integrity and earnest energy. If you or your child need counsel, life-coaching or management – she’s definitely the one to call!”

Lisa Harper, Author and Speaker, former National Women’s Director for Focus on the Family

“My good friend Donalyn Knight is one of the most insighful people and teachers in the world today. After you have spent time with her you will come to appreciate her simplicity for life and her dedication to Christ. She has a level of unconditional love that is rarety in a world that is filled with so much judgement. Donalyn is the kind of person anyone would like to do business with.”

Adrienne”AJ” Johnson, WNBA Player, Radio Color Analyst

“Donalyn Knight is a true mentor and advocate for young people, not only in words but by her actions. As my mentor, she inspired me to excel athletically, academically, socially, but most important of all spiritually. As my coach, teacher and friend, she provided the guidance and support I needed to lay the foundation to a successful and Christ-centered life. The guidance she provided helped me to attend Florida State University and compete as a track athlete, become a seven-time All-American and eventually earn my B.S. degree in Education. Miss Knight passed the baton on to me and inspired me to also become a mentor and advocate to hundreds of young people in the Tallahassee area. I highly recommend Miss Knight to any youth/parent who is seeking information and opportunities to advance as student-athletes.”

Alice Bennett-Sims, Seven-time All American in Track Track Coach, Youth Leader Tallahassee, FL

“Every athlete should have a Donalyn Knight in his or her life. I have known Donalyn for over thirty years and have seen the impact she has had on athletes, from high school to the professional level. As a coach, she taught, nurtured, encouraged and looked out for her athletes as if they were her own children. While helping young athletes realize their athletic and academic goals beyond high school, she also desires for them to understand the eternal importance of a personal relationship with Christ. I highly recommend Donalyn Knight and The Spirited Athlete to every athlete who is looking for their niche in college!”

Kim Boyce , Director of Staff Dev/Training Fellowship of Christian Athletes